The history of the church of “Nuestra Señora de La Encarnación” begins before 1611, when a hermitage that was in another location was taken to this place. In 1642 and with the visit by Eugenio La Cruz the parish of “Our Lady of the Incarnation” is founded; the church opens to the faithful about the year 1650.


Around the year 1711 the building collapses due to defects during erection, but the neighbors start to rebuild it immediately. Thus, a construction of one body remains topped by a belfry with two bells. In the early twentieth century the building is badly damaged, almost dilapidated. Then in 1911 it was decided to undertake a new construction that is commissioned by the architect Antonio Pintor. The works expand over time and didn`t conclude until the 50s of the twentieth century, as a result leaving the current building consisting of a central nave flanked by two smaller side naves and a bell tower.


Currently, the environment of the Church of “Our Lady of The Incarnación” is remodeled, the course of traffic on the GM-1 road is changed, winning wide sidewalks and becoming an open and welcoming space.