National parks are large natural areas and slightly transformed by human exploitation or occupation. They are designed to protect the ecological integrity of its ecosystems and their aesthetic, educational and scientific values. The “Garajonay” was declared National Park in March 1981 and listed “Real World Natural Heritage” by the UNESCO in late 1986. Furthermore the park is by definition area of environmental sensitivity over its entire surface, suitable for the purposes of the Act 11/1990, of 13 July, about Ecological Impact Prevention and has the status of “Special Protection Area” for birds as laid down in Directive 79/409 / EEC about the Conservation of Wild Birds.


The declaration as a national park was realized because of its uniqueness, biodiversity and the importance of its laurel forest as a sponge forest that serves as the island hydrological recharge and soil protection. One of the most characteristic features of the Monteverde (Greenforest) are the cloudy atmospheres between 700 and 1500 meters due to the clash of cool and humid air masses transported by trade winds to the islands surface. The high diversity has a diverse forest ecosystem of great complexity, with about 400 plant species, half of which are endemic and many island endemics: wild Orange tree (Ilex perado), Macaronesian cedar (Juniperus Cedrus), barbusano (Apollonias barbujana)… to which we must add many lichens, fungi and mosses and a varied fauna with numerous invertebrates and a wealth of birdlife, highlighting laurel pigeons (Columba bollii and laurel pigeon) and woodcock (Scolopax rusticola). garajonay The green heart of the Garajonay National Park is located in the municipality of Hermigua in the ravine of “El Cedro”. Also in the Los Aceviños area we can find monteverde, of great ecological and landscape related richness. To discover and enjoy these ecological gems there is a network of trails (LINK) that begins and / or ends in the town of Hermigua, tracks that are accessible on foot or by bicycle and squares and recreational areas to relax and enjoy the gomerian mountains. To complete the experience, in the whole municipality the accomodation businesses and restaurants offer visitors the best of us: friendliness, excellent service and the products of our land.